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To lovers of steam railroading, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad ranks as one of the classic railway rides, offering spectacular scenary and vintage 3 foot gauge steam in the Colorado and New Mexico mountains. This Audio CD concentrates on the strenuous 4 percent (1 in 25) climb from Chama New Mexico to the 10,015 foot Cumbres Pass, and onwards into the Los Pinos Valley. The K-27 463 and K-36's 487, 488 and 489 are featured ranging from Chama Yard to full-throttle action, both single and double-headed. Twenty two audio tracks totalling 40 minutes 25 seconds of stunning steam railroad action sounds are included.

Audio Track List

463 and 489 approaching Cresco June 2000

Track 1 - 7min 41sec

Ontrain sounds of 463 piloting 489 from Chama to Cumbres. The recording opens as the train whistles for Lobato Trestle, followed by audio glimpses of the ride concluding with the train slowing to a halt at Cumbres.

463 and 489 in Chama Yard June 2000

Track 2 - 1min 30sec

463 reversing with 489 in Chama Yard during servicing prior to departure to Antonito June 2000.

489 leading 463 in Chama Yard June 2000

Track 3 - 1min 11sec

489 leading 463 in Chama Yard during servicing prior to departure to Antonito June 2000.

463 and 489 heads out of Chama June 2000

Track 4 - 1min 02sec

463 leads 489 just north of the first highway crossing north of Chama June 2000.

487 approaches the Narrows July 2003

Track 5 - 1min 59sec

487 digs into the start of the 1 in 25 (4%) gradient just before The Narrows, July 2003.

463 and 489 nearing Lobato June 2000

Track 6 - 1min 35sec

463 heads 489 round the curve approaching Lobato June 2000.

Overlooking Lobato curve with 487 July 2003

Track 7 - 1min 44sec

487 powers upgrade round the curve at Lobato July 2003.

463 and 487 Lobo Lodge June 2000

Track 8 - 2min 28sec

463 and 487 blast past Lobo Lodge with distant sounds drifting across the valley. June 2000.

487 struggles past Lobo Lodge, July 2003

Track 9 - 1min 42sec

The lone 487 struggles past Lobo Lodge, finally slipping and then recovering in the distance. July 2003.

463 and 487 at the second highway crossing, June 2000.

Track 10 - 0min 45sec

463 and 487 roar over the second highway crossing in June 2000.

487 side view nearing Cresco, July 2003.

Track 11 - 0min 16sec

487 picks up speed nearing Cresco, July 2003.

487 rounds the curve and halts at Cresco, July 2003

Track 12 - 1min 13sec

487 rounds the curve and draws to a halt at Cresco for water, July 2003.

487 departs Cresco - July 2003

Track 13 - 2min 11sec

487 stands at Cresco taking water with the air pump working for over a minute, then the locomotive bursts into life as the train restarts and charges past within a few feet of the listener on its climb to Cumbres Pass. July 2003.

463 and 487 between Cresco and Coxo - June 2000

Track 14 - 0min 35sec

463 and 487 climb between Cresco and Coxo 100 feet or more below the highway, June 2000.

487 and 488 at the highway crossing near Coxo, June 1997.

Track 15 - 1min 30sec

487 and 488 charge up to the highway crossing near Coxo, June 1997.

463 and 487 at the highway crossing near Coxo, June 2000.

Track 16 - 1min 22sec

463 and 487 cross the highway near Coxo, June 2000.

463 and 487 round Windy Point, June 2000.

Track 17 - 1min 47sec

463 and 487 are almost within sight of the summit, rounding Windy Point - we hear them from far below .

487 on last few hundred yards before Cumbres

Track 18 - 1min 01sec

487 has just rounded Windy Point and is on the last few hundred yards before Cumbres Pass. July 2003.

487 and 488 crossing old highway trestle at Cumbres, June 1997

Track 19 - 0min 59sec

487 and 488 cross the old highway trestle bridge just before Cumbres. June 1997.

463 runs forward to turn on wye at Cumbres, June 2000.

Track 20 - 2min 39sec

Helper 463 detaches from 487 (the road engine), runs forward, reverses round the first leg of the wye track into the wooden snowshed, and then finally moves forward into the Cumbres station yard to stand by until the line is clear before coasting downgrade to Chama several minutes later. June 2000.

487 leaves Cumbres, whistling for the highway crossing. June 2000.

Track 21 - 1min 33sec

487 leaves Cumbres, whistling for the highway crossing heading for Antonito. June 2000.

489 rounds Tanglefoot Curve. June 2000.

Track 22 - 3min 42sec

489 approaches Tanglefoot Curve, gives a whistle warning of the train's approach to Cumbres, and then rounds the curve to pass the listener again before finally disappearing round the last curve into Cumbres station.


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