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Peter Austin has asked:
Shedmaster - you will recall the photo of 'Britannia' 70002 is on the website with Fireman Paul Anderson, but neither Paul nor I can find any record of the date this photo was taken. Historically this is quite important to record as the working was unique, the machine is believed to have taken over the troop train at Crewe, which I am led to believe originated in Scotland, at Crewe 70002 worked south, was then serviced at either Nine Elms or Willesden (if still was open to steam) and continued to Southampton Docks with the same stock. The year by virtue of elimination was probably 1966. If anyone could provide any further information on this particular working both Paul and I would be very grateful.

Bob Cartwright has replied:
With regard to 70002 'Geoffrey Chaucer' :- On Weds 11th May 1966 Jim Hutchings and I were working the 1709 Waterloo - Basing with 73170. Passing Wimbledon Park Depot I looked across and saw 70002 with a train of Midland maroon stock on its way across the East Putney and noted the number in my note book. I was later told that the Driver was the late Dave 'Spud' Tate of Basing. The following Thursday, 19th May, Fred Pearce and I were booked 434 and Spl A. We travelled pass to So'ton and relieved the 07-24 ex Bomo, 08-22 off So'ton with 35010 and 11=368 tons. On arrival at Waterloo we got relief, travelled pass to Vauxhall and walked to Nine Elms. There we prepared 70002. She had been stopped with a broken spring on the trailing truck and Fred and I took her light engine, Max speed 30 m.p.h to Basing shed departing at 12-30 and arriving Basing at 14-15, relf and home pass.

Doug Richards emailed:
The date Paul Anderson is seeking is May 12th.1966 when the loco was used on the 09.20 Boat train from Waterloo to Southampton, this was not a troop train as I recall but a normal boat service. I remember the occasion quite well as it was me who rostered Paul to the turn, the driver's name eludes me. I was quite friendly with Paul then and if I recall he was involved with the Festiniog railway in North Wales. 70002 had been used to work a troop train from Scotland to Portsmouth. It took over the train at Crewe and worked right through to Pompy. It was the supposed to return light to Willesden but the LMR did not want it there so it ended up at Nine Elms. The southern then employed the loco on the 09.20 service as it was on hand and it worked back to Nine Elms where it remained un-used for about a week after which it went back light to Carlisle Kingmoor.

Terry Jackson emailed:
With regard to 70002 at Waterloo, the train on which it worked onto the Southern was a Naval special from Elgin to Portsmouth and Southsea which ran via Southcote Junc., Eastleigh and Fareham on 11 May 1966. It later worked the ECS to Willesden Junction via Eastleigh, East Putney and the West London extension. However as there were no servicing facilities on the LMR at this time, it returned to Nine Elms for servicing. On 12 May 1966 it worked the 09.20 Waterloo-Southampton Eastern Docks boat train and returned ECS to Clapham Junction. It was then stopped at Nine Elms until the 19 May when it ran LE to Basingstoke before returning to the LMR. This info is taken from the July 1966 issue of the Railway Observer, the club magazine of the RCTS.

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