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'M7', 0-4-4T, No. 30053 stands in the extended part of the 'Old Shed of 1889' along with 'S15', 4-6-0, No. 30843, 'MN' 4-6-2, No. 35030, Elder Dempster Lines, whilst in the distance a 'BB' moves off of the turn-table towards the coal hopper. (Photo Tony Deller)

A view from the 'Merge' of the 'Old Shed', showing in the background the original part built in 1885. Some ten locomotives are to be seen in these reasonably tidy, weed free environs of the shed. On the extreme right is the corner of the 'New Shed of 1910', originally this area was previously coal sidings. (Photo Tony Deller)

Nine Elms coal hopper viewed from the walkway between the 'Merge' and the out-going engine road. When necessary, due to the amount of locomotives coming into the depot during busy periods, this road became reversable. Out-going engines would then have to use the 'Merge' and drop back under the hopper for coal before departure. The remnants of the concrete supports of the old coal stage can still be seen between the pit roads. (Photo Tony Deller)

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