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NINE ELMS ENGINEMEN TRIBUTE - Locomotive headboard dedication


Nine Elms enginemen (in alphabetical order L - Y)

Robbie Lee at Basingstoke with 34024 on a goods train.
(Photo copyright Robbie Lee)

Jim Lester during the Winston Churchill funeral train preparations 1965.
(Photo J. C. Lester collection)

Alec Lovell started as a cleaner at Nine Elms around 1940, eventually becoming a driver and transferring to Waterloo. Later he moved to Littlehampton depot in 1963/4, finally passing away in 2009.
(Photo and note thanks to Mick Gillam)

Fireman Barry Mackett - click here for photograph

Driver Ted Male on 34056 at Basingstoke with the 1800 from Waterloo in 1966. Don Benn writes that the 6pm down was a Nine Elms turn until the beginning of May 1966 when Salisbury men took over. He thinks the fireman in the shots is Chambers.
(Photos copyright Don Benn)

Fireman Jim Martin on 34021 at Christchurch with the 0245 Waterloo to Bournemouth, 24th June 1967.
(Photo copyright Bob Grainger)

Fireman Brian Masters - click here for photograph

Fireman Eddie May in Nine Elms New Shed.
(Photo copyright Bob Payne)

Joe McCarthy at Waterloo, 10th October 1965.
(Photo Dave Davis collection)

Driver Syd McCaughie on the footplate of a Nine Elms allocated 0-6-0 Class '700'.
(Photo Doug Smith collection)

Driver Lionel 'Dusty' Miller is seen here climbing onto the footplate of 'H15' No. 30521 outside Nine Elms shed.
(Photo Jim Lester collection, photographer unknown)

(Photo copyright Steve West)

Driver Bert Mills on board 34059 'Sir Archibald Sinclair'.
(Photo Alan Newman collection, source Bert Mills, photographer unknown)

Tom Moult (right) with Brian Smith and Gordon Porter (left) on board 34089.
(Photo copyright Dave Sprackland).

The photo below is from Dave Bryce's collection.

Driver Sid Nash - at Bournemouth West on the 14.13 Bournemouth West to Waterloo on Saturday 3rd July 1965. (Photograph copyright John Tiley)

Alan Newman - photo taken with Alan's camera by Bert Hooker whilst on 82023 running through Nine Elms Goods Yard. (Photo copyright Alan Newman)

Here is Alan (right) with Bert Hooker on board BB 34060 '25 Squadron'. Alan was Bert's regular fireman from October 1964 until March 1967. The picture was taken in March 1965 at Waterloo.
Photo copyright Bernard Wright.

Driver Ken O'Dell on left, with his fireman Tom Moult.
(Photo Dave Bryce collection)

Fireman Graham Pack on board 34095 heading the 1815 Weymouth to Waterloo at Woking, 7th July 1967 .
(Photo copyright John McIvor)

Fireman Bill Parker - click here for photograph

Driver Bob Payne on board GWR 0-6-0 'Pannier' tank 9770 at Waterloo.
(Photo copyright Bob Payne)

Fireman Ron Petrie - click here for photograph

Driver John Pilcher (at the driver's window) and fireman Alan Cook standing (right) on 73043 at Waterloo, on a Portsmouth line railtour 31st December 1966.
(Photo George Woods collection with permission)

Driver Charlie Philpot (right) and old friend Roger Caple in front of original BB No. 34090 'Sir Eustace Missenden'.
(Photo Roger Caple collection via Jim Lester)

Photo on left shows Driver Bill Plumb (right) and his fireman Alan Newman on board M7 30053 with the "The Surrey Wanderer" railtour passing through Clapham Junction enroute from Tattenham Corner to Kensington Olympia on Sunday 5th July 1964.
(Photo Alan Newman collection, copyright Mike Morant)

Photo on right shows Bill Plumb at Clapham Junction.
(Photo copyright the Plumb Family, via Alan Newman)

Driver Harry Pope and his fireman Mike Roberts on board MN 35012 at Waterloo in 1965.
(Photo copyright Mike Roberts)

Gordon Porter (photo left) taking 34095 out of Southampton on the 245 am from Waterloo on the last Saturday of steam (Photo Don Benn collection), and below photographed at Southampton Central on 24th April 1965 (photo copyright Dave Sprackland).

An evocative night picture of 34101 and Gordon Porter and fireman Tom Moult on arrival at Waterloo with the 22.13 Weymouth to Waterloo 18th March 1966 (copyright Bob Grainger).

The character standing in front of 34094 'Mortehoe' is Shedman Albert Preston. Sadly Albert suffered from a injury sustained in his younger days when he was a professional boxer. He was immensely strong, and was able to throw a loose three link coupling over a tender of a King Arthur locomotive. A "Shedman" was basically responsible for keeping the depot clean and tidy, clearing ash pits collecting discarded fire irons dealing with the day to day jobs around the depot. Whilst Albert was not a footplate man he was an integral part of every day life at Nine Elms.
Photo at Nine Elms on the 8th September 1957 - photographer unknown. Alan Newman collection

Fred Prickett who was an extremely knowledgeable Nine Elms Engineman seen here on the steps of MN, No. 35028 ‘Clan Line'. (Photo MNLPS)

Norman Prior is seen here on 34037. (Photo copyright Alan Newman)

Norman Prior at Southampton Central with the 11.18 Weymouth to Waterloo, 3rd July 1967.
(Photo copyright Bob Grainger)

Driver Jim Rebbeck seen here in the sunnier climate of Sierra Leone after leaving BR. (Photo thanks to Tim Crowley - photographer unknown)

Reg Reid in photo on left standing to the right of his unidentified driver on board Lord Nelson class 853 'Sir Richard Grenville' in Southern Railway days, middle photo on a 4-SUB (he finished his railway career as Motive Power Foreman at Wimbledon Park Depot). Photo on right shows Reg on a 70th birthday trip on board 34105 'Swanage' on the Mid Hants Railway 30th June 1990 . (Photos from Hazel, Reg's daughter via Les Hoath)

Amongst the finest of 70A’s Enginemen was the ever popular Len Rickard who hailed originally from ‘Wadebridge’ in Cornwall. Whenever possible the Running Foreman at the shed would endeavour to provide WC No. 34007 for Len and his mate for a days work on the mainline. (Photo J.C. Lester collection)

Nine Elms driver Mick Rickman holding the water bag.
(Cropped image from photo copyright Les Kent, via Alan Newman)

Fireman Mike Roberts - click here for photograph

Fireman Peter Roberts on board 34090 at Nine Elms. (Copyright Mike Roberts)

The photo below is Peter Roberts in charge of 34052 (aka 34046) at Winchfield 8th July 2017. (Copyright John McIvor)

Nine Elms locomotive, Class MN, 4-6-2, No. 35014 'Nederland Line', pauses at Brockenhurst on the Up where (left) driver Jim Robinson Senior and his fireman Peter Roberts are seen in this rather atmospheric photograph.
(Photo Peter Roberts collection)

Nine Elms fireman John Roscoe with the coal pick.
(Cropped image from photo copyright Les Kent, via Alan Newman)

Driver Kenneth - Kenny 'Kipper' Rowe is seen here on board 76017.
(Photo Jim Lester collection, photographer unknown)

Driver Jerry Sartin see here on a visit to the RH&D railway
(photo thanks to Alan Newman, copyright George Barlow)

Driver Eric Saunders (left) with fireman Alan Rowe on board 35005 in 1965 (photo copyright Dave Sprackland).

Alan Sanson - click here for photograph

Driver Charlie Slimmon (left) and his fireman Barry Mackett are seen here in the late 1950's on the footplate of class BB No. 34053 'Sir Keith Park'. .
(Photo J.C.Lester collection)

Driver Peter Shackleton seen on board a Bulleid Pacific in about 1958.
His daughter Janet sent this picture of her Dad, writing to the Nine Elms website telling us that he has enjoyed looking at the photos of his colleagues. She said that the pictures brought back happy memories for him.
(Photo Janet Watts collection)

Brian Smith (centre) with Tom Moult (right) and Gordon Porter (left) on board 34089 (photo copyright Dave Sprackland).

Fireman Doug Smith is seen here in Clapham (Kenny Sidings) in the early 1960's
(Photo Doug Smith collection)

Fireman Dave Snelling at Waterloo on board 73043.
(Image cropped from photo copyright Richard Weisham via Ian Simpson)

Fireman Vic Spillett at Waterloo with 35022 on the 10.30 on Saturday 31st July 1965
(Photo Mike Coulson collection)

Fireman Peter Staniford - click here for photograph

Driver Malcolm Stevenson on board 73119.
(Photo Malcolm Stevenson collection)

Peter Steward is seen here on Standard Class '5' No. 73111 'King Uther' at Waterloo in 1959. Some of these engines were fitted with re-cast name plates that were carried by withdrawn original King Arthur Class ('N15') locomotives, this one from No. 30737. (Photo J. C. Lester collection)

'Top Link driver' Fred Streeter (right) is seen here with his fireman, Ron Petrie, at Salisbury on his last day's work after 52 years service. Born in 1898 Fred started work on the LB&SCR at Battersea Roundhouse in 1911, later transferring to Nine Elms, eventually retiring on the 27/09/1963. (Photo A.E.Abbott)

Nine Elms engineman Jim Sullivan.
(Photo Alan Cook collection)

Nine Elms driver Alfie Sutton pictured here at Basingstoke with 34005.
(Photo copyright Peter G. Hughes 2007)

Gentleman Driver Charlie Sutton here seen at Salisbury, with the Down 09h00 ex-Waterloo to Exeter, in charge of Exmouth Junction 'West Country', No. 34030 "Watersmeet'. (Photo J. C. Lester)

Fireman, later Driver Bob Symons here on 80145 at Clapham Junction (Central side) with the "Kenny Belle". Bob came to Nine Elms from Polmadie in May 1964 and was Fireman with Bert Fordery until 1966, when he passed for driving.
(Photo Jim Rowe collection)

Driver John Taylor here on D6549. John was a driver at Nine Elms from January 1964 until July 1967 when he transferred to Gillingham.
(Thanks to Kelly Smith for the photo)

Harry Tester (left) and Jim Lester on the footplate of Nine Elms allocated Class '700' No. 30694 in Feltham's East End Yard in 1960.
(Photo B. Tipping).

Driver Mark Thom of Nine Elms and Waterloo.
(Photo reproduced with thanks to Waterloo LDC)

Engineman Richard (Dick) George Thomas is seen here (on left) alongside MN No. 35030 'Elder Dempster Lines' in Nine Elms depot in 1962. Always smartly turned out, he epitomised an era of loco-men that maintained an immense pride in their work, craft and appearance right to the end of their long footplate careers. (Photo Bill Smith)

Photo below shows 'Dick' at Waterloo
(Photo courtesy of David Thomas)

Nine Elms driver Bert Thompson seen here in 1950 with his fireman Bill Hughes at Nine Elms depot prior to the departure of 35004 'Cunard White Star' on the Devon Belle duty.
(Photo collection of Jim Simpson, copyright to be confirmed)

Nine Elms fireman Glynn Thompson seen here at Vauxhall.
(Photo copyright Glynn Thompson)

Bernard Tipping Nine Elms engineman, on board 34087 '145 Squadron' at Nine Elms 1959.
(Photo J.C.Lester collection)

Fireman Alf Trapnell who transferred to Nine Elms from Exmouth Junction in 1964 is seen leaving Waterloo in 1965, and on 34051 'Winston Churchill'.
(Photos Alf Trapnell collection)

Len Trigg stands by 73111 at the Nine Elms turntable.
(Photo copyright Mike Roberts)

Nine Elms driver Bill Turner in front of 73142 'Broadlands' on 29th July 1981.
(Photo Jim Lester collection)

Nine Elms driver 'Dick' Turpin leans out of the cab of 35012 "United States Lines" waiting to leave Southampton on 6th September 1962 with the down Royal Wessex, the 16.35 Waterloo to Weymouth train.
(Photo copyright Bryan Benn)

Nine Elms fireman J.G.'Jim' Twyman beside rebuilt Pacific 34089 '602 Squadron' heading the Royal Train to Southampton New Docks on 5th August 1961.
(Photo Jean Davis collection with permission)

Fireman John Unwin is seen here wearing the ex-Tom ('Punch') Clark 'Engineman S.R.' cap badge that is featured in the 'Memories' section on the website.
(Photo Jim Lester collection)

Fireman Nigel Vidaurri is seen with 35013 at Waterloo in 1967.
(Photo thanks to Alistair Walton, photographer unknown)

Driver John Edward Webber who was at Nine Elms from 1956 until 1967. He is pictured here standing on the right with Driver Charlie 'Happy' Gordon
(Photo Nigel Webber collection)

Driver B.A.G. West who was a Driver at Nine Elms from 1960 until 1967. He is seen here with 35030 at Winchester.
(Photo B.A.G.West collection)

Driver Jack Wicks and his Fireman, a young D. D. Davis, are seen on the footplate of 70A allocated Standard '5' No. 73118 in the mid 1950's.
(Photo J.C.Lester collection).

Fireman John Wild seated at the window of 34064 'Fighter Command' at Waterloo with driver 'Spot' King on the left.
(Photo © Bill Wright)

Fireman John Williams standing on the footplate of 34095 'Brentor' with Driver Bert Fordrey on the left.
(Photo copyright Nigel Kendall)

Extremely knowledgeable Engineman on all things associated with original Bulleid locomotives was Alan Wilton. Founder member of the 'Blackmoor Vale' preservation society he is seen here at Fareham alongside No 34055 'Fighter Pilot' in 1959 . (Photo J. C. Lester)

Fireman Dave 'Dropgrate' Wilson on board 35023.
(Photo copyright Dave Wilson)

Nine Elms driver Larry Witt seen here in Bournemouth just before he retired in 1999.
(Photo from Dave Dixon, Bournemouth)

Fireman and later driver Jim Woutersz. Photo dated 7th April 1964 when Jim was fireman on 'Nine Elms Special 2', down with the 0854 'Carmania' boat train to Southampton Old Docks with 34090, returning with freight to Nine Elms Yard. Jim's driver, Ernie Doust took the photo on the return journey near Wallers Ash - 'having a rough trip'.
(Photo Jim Woutersz)

(Left) Engineman Albert Wright beside West Country 34016 'Bodmin', 25th September 2004
(Photo Jim Rowe collection)

(Below) Early b&w photo of Albert from Tom Coles collection.

Driver Harry Yardley on a Standard Class 4 light engine to Clapham Yard.
(Image reproduced with permission from original photo copyright Colin Harmes via Alan Newman)

Nine Elms enginemen (in alphabetical order A - K)

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