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This 76 minute audio CD includes 59 minutes of uninterrupted sounds recorded in the CAB of locomotive #488, a 3 foot gauge 2-8-2 of the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, during its climb from Chama towards Cumbres on the 4% grade along the New Mexico/Colorado border.

Other tracks feature lineside recordings of the same train at locations such as The Narrows, Lobo Lodge, Cresco and Cumbres. The CD concludes with almost 5 minutes of lineside recording of locomotive #484 westbound rounding Tanglefoot Curve just below Cumbres.

Format: Audio CD - total running time 1 hour 16 minutes.

Audio Track List

In the cab of locomotive 488

On board #488

Track One - 59min 12sec :

0m 6s: whistle sounds for departure from Chama mp 344.1
2m 39s: firing commences, steam operated fire door
6m 15s: bell/whistle, highway crossing mp 343.2
11m 16s: approaching The Narrows, grade increases to 4%
15m 00s: safety valve opens in The Narrows
20m 28s: whistle for Lobato Trestle mp 339.7
24m 58s: engine slips nearing Lobo Lodge mp 339
34m 40s: whistle for second highway crossing mp 337.4
47m 45s: whistle aproaching Cresco mp 335.1
49m 10s: engine slips near east Cresco
59m 12s: ends approaching highway crossing mp 332.8

Lineside sounds of locomotive 488

488 leaving Chama.

Track Two - 1min 34sec

departure from Chama

488 approaching The Narrows

Track Three - 1min 10sec

488 approaching The Narrows, the grade increases to 4%.

488 at Lobo Lodge.

Track Four - 2min 22sec

488 nears Lobo Lodge and slips.

488 at Cresco.

Track Five - 3min 46sec

488 blasts through Cresco and slips.

488 at Cumbres.

Track Six - 3min 33sec

488 approaches Cumbres, comes to a stand and then restarts train towards Antonito.

Lineside sounds of locomotive 484

484 entering Tanglefoot Curve.

Track Seven - 4min 55sec

484 approaches Tanglefoot Curve westbound, passes left to right on lower side of loop, rounds curve on right and then passes from right to left on upper (closer) side of loop before passing the east switch of Cumbres siding.


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