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This DVD features almost one hour of the 4% (1 in 25) climb from Chama towards Cumbres on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad along the New Mexico/Colorado border. A fixed camera in the cab of ex-Rio Grande narrow gauge 2-8-2 K-36 locomotive #488 enables us to follow the skill of the engineer and fireman on this demanding route, with a selection of matching trackside views.

Bonus footage features scenes from some of the more remote parts of the line from Cumbres to Antonito, and scenes of the K-27 #463 and K-37 #497 in action in 1997. Finally, a selection of other SVS Film DVDs are previewed.

Chapter / location list:

  • Chama to Cumbres: mostly in the cab and some trackside scenes - 1 hour 6 minutes.
  • Cumbres to Antonito: a few of the more remote sites - 23 minutes.
  • K-27 #463 in 1997 (remastered Hi8 video) - 3 minutes.
  • K-37 #497 in 1997 (remastered Hi8 video) - 9 minutes.
  • Other SVS Film DVD's previewed including 'Espee Xtras', 'Nevada Northern at 100 years', Three Seasons at Durango' and 'Ride the Milwaukee Road with 261'
    - 13 minutes.
Total running time approximately 1 hour 53 minutes. Filmed in 4:3 full screen format digital video and stereo sound, except for the 1997 clips which are digitally remastered Hi8 video. Informative maps and narration are included.

Customer Comments:

"I really like this DVD ! A very unique perspective on the operation of a steam locomotive, its almost like being in the cab with the engineer and fireman......Very entertaining, and will be watched over and over. I never tire of these types of video's. I am planning a trip this coming summer, and the Cumbres and Toltec R.R. will definately be part of it!"
D.W. from Iowa USA

"Received my DVD & CD today. Once again you have provided fabulous video and fantastic audio. This release has the best in-cab footage I've ever seen, clear and well lit. Audio is clear, sharp and in some cases, haunting... Makes it hard to wait for your next release!"
Gary from North Carolina USA

"I received the DVD in the mail and have already watched it with my parents! I have to tell you my parents absolutely loved watching the DVD, Thank you so much, it was a great way to show my parents exactly what I do, they loved it... Thank you, thank you. "
Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR locomotive crew member - New Mexico USA

Some scenes from the video:

on board 488 - copyright J.McIvor 2007 departure from Chama - copyright J.McIvor 2007

488 approaching The Narrows - copyright J.McIvor 2007 488 nearing Lobo Lodge - copyright J.McIvor 2007

488 passing Cresco - copyright J.McIvor 2007 488 arrives at Cumbres - copyright J.McIvor 2007

484 rounds Tanglefoot Curve - copyright J.McIvor 2007 leaving Antonito - copyright J.McIvor 2007

463 near Sublette 1997 - copyright J.McIvor 2007 497 near Sublette - copyright J.McIvor 2007


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