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Alan Britton

All photographs are Copyright Alan Britton.

Please let the Nine Elms website 'Shedmaster' know if you can identify any people in these photographs.

(Photo 1) 60024 'Kingfisher' on Nine Elms MPD turntable, A4 Loco Preservation Society Victory Railtour, 26th March 1966.

Gav Lawrence from Australia says this the driver in the tied cloth 'headgear' is Gordon Porter.

Mick Peace says - I can confirm that it is Gordon Porter as the fireman looking over his shoulder is myself. As can be seen it was a very wet day. I was surprised to see it, because I have no pictures of me on steam at all. The only other one I know of is in Jim Evans book "From Booking Boy To Bulleids". I have told of how Gordon came to be on there before, but here goes again. I was booked with a toplink driver (can't remember his name), but he was leading off in the messroom about b***** trainspoters, so Gorden offered to change over, and to everyone's surprise the c/o was accepted. My regular mate at the time was Jim Evans, and he always claimed he should have had the job.

(Photo 2) 35005 'Canadian Pacific' at Waterloo, June 1965.

(Photo 3) 35007 'Aberdeen Commonwealth' at Waterloo, 1st October 1966.

(Photo 4) 34045 'Ottery St Mary' on Waterloo to Weymouth train at Southampton Central.

(Photo 5) 34036 'Westward Ho' heading the last steam hauled Up Bournemouth Belle, 5th July 1967.

(Photo 6) 35004 'Cunard White Star' with Cunard RMS Mauretania boat train at Southampton Ocean Terminal, 27th October 1964.

(Photo 7) 35003 'Royal Mail' at Bournemouth Central on Weymouth to Waterloo express, 3rd August 1966.

(Photo 8) 35023 'Holland Afrika Line' heading 0835 Waterloo to Bournemouth at Winchester, 30th June 1967.

(Photo 9) 120 heading LCGB South Coast Ltd on 24th June 1962.

(Photo 10) 34001 driver oiling up centre reservoir at Southampton Central.

(Photo 11) 34095 'Brentor' crew at Brockenhurst in 1964.

(Photo 12) 34001 'Exeter' cabside closeup.

(Photo 13) 35028 'Clan Line' heads Atlantic Coast Express, 27th May 1963.

(Photo 14) 34089 '602 Squadron' at Salisbury.

(Photo 15) 34089 '602 Squadron' at Salisbury.

(Photo 16) 35024 'East Asiatic Company' footplate crew.

(Photo 17) Crew of 35007 'Aberdeen Commonwealth' at Beaulieu Road Station, 10th June 1967.

(Photo 18) 35008 'Orient Line' BR End of Steam railtour Sunday 2nd July 1967. Crew TV interview.

(Photo 19) 35008 'Orient Line' nameplate just re-fitted being cleaned 2nd July 1967.

(Photo 20) 35012 'United States Lines' at Nine Elms, 15th October 1966.

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