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Faces behind the Nine Elms website

Left to right: John McIvor (Shedmaster - Nine Elms website), Tim Crowley, Jim Lester
28th July 2009. Photo copyright 2009 Steve West.

Selection of photos with people to identify

Alan Grange photographs

Andrew Britton enginemen photographs

John McIvor's photographs

Jim Lester photograph 'Broadlands'

Russell Coffin Collection

Gavin Lawrence - photos and paintings.

Ken Coppard photographs

Tim Crowley photograph

Peter Austin photographs

35028 with Pete Roberts

Evercreech Junction quiz photo responses

Photo selection from Ron Bennett

Photo selection from Glynn Thompson

Photo selection from Bob Payne

Photo selection from Les Calverley

Waterloo photograph from Tony Harper

Jim Evans' Swan Song by Nigel Kendall

Photos and story - 'The Final Day' by Geoffrey Catlin

70A smokebox door shedplate from Andy Cook

1963 visit to Nine Elms - Dave Wisnia photos.

The End at Nine Elms - Phil Brown photos.

The 'Kenny Belle'.

Photos from Tom Coles.

Click here for a selection of Phil Bassett's photos.

Len Clarke's photos featuring Nine Elms people

'Tangmere on canvas'

A few photos from Malcolm Stevenson.

A few photos from Roger Carrell.

Some of Barry Lewis' fine Nine Elms photographs.

Nick Thompson' photo of the last 'fast' ACE.

Morton Murray's Nine Elms painting.

40th anniversary of the end of BR steam.
John McIvor and Paul Cooper photos

Richard Bentley photo
of his 70A signalbox name board

Dave Wilson's photo quiz.

A selection of Doug Richards' slides from his time at Nine Elms.

A selection of Alan Newman's slides.

Click here for a couple of Dave Wilson's photos.

Click here for a few photos from the John Cant collection.

Click here for a few photos from the Dave Davis collection.

Click here for a few of Mike Roberts' photos.

Click here for a selection of Ray McQuade's photographs taken at Nine Elms in the mid-1960's.

Mid Hants Railway - 40th Anniversary of the End of Southern Steam.
34016 is 'dressed up' to look like 35030 with chalk messages on the front of the loco when heading the last steam powered train from Weymouth to Waterloo on 9th July 1967. Photo copyright 2007 Matt Bentley.

Bluebell Railway 40th Anniversary Bulleid double-header
21C123 'Blackmoor Vale' and 34028 renamed 34021 'Dartmoor'
10th July 2007. Photo copyright 2007 John McIvor.

Click here for a selection of Steve West's photos of
recent Nine Elms Reunions on the Bluebell Railway

Nine Elms Reunion

Les Hoath's picture at a recent Nine Elms Reunion:

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