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Here are some photos from Len Clarke:

The Nine Elms 'Shedmaster' would be delighted to hear from anyone who can identify any of the 'unknown' faces in these photos. Please email: shedmaster@nineelms.svsfilm.com
Left to right - Dickie Budd (driver) - Len Clarke (fireman) - Bill Turner (driver) at Raynes Park Football Ground.

Left to Right - Les Hoath, (unknown), Alan Farr, Kenny Rowe, Charlie Aslin (Charge Hand), (unknown), 'Abbey', Len Clarke, (unknown)

Left to Right - 'Abbey', Kenny (Kipper) Rowe, (unknown lad), Michael Withey (with sandwich), Len Clarke shaking hands

Left to Right - Alan Farr, (back row unknown), Michael Withey (front), Kenny Rowe (rear), Len Clarke, 'Abbey', (other 4 unknown)

Left to Right - Alan Farr, Charlie(Charge Hand), Len Clarke.

Left to Right - Len Clarke at cab window, Alan Farr, (unknown), Kenny Rowbury on steps.

Back Row left to right - Nobby Heath, Albert Wright, Ernie Harvey, Eddie Duggan, Don King, Peter Johnson, Bert Gayle (Shunter Nine Elms Goods Yard), (unknown), Bill Clarke(Len's brother), Reggie Read
Front Row left to right - Peter Gammon, Bill Godfrey (Victoria Booking Office), Tim Bower, Tommy Turley, Pat Burges.

Len Clarke on 34016

Left to right - Bill Godfrey, Dickie Budd, Len Clarke, Bill Clarke, Peter Johnson, Les Edwards, Eddie Duggan (shunter Clapham Junction).

Left to right - Eddie Duggan (shunter Clapham Junction), Peter Johnson.

Left to right: Dickie Budd, Bill Clarke, Eddie Duggan (shunter Clapham Junction), Albert Wright, Ted Dent, Pat Burgess, Peter Johnson, Tom Coles, George Adams, Albert Wright's brother, Albert Wright's father. (Day out at Brighton)

Nine Elms football team 1955-56 taken in France, Nine Elms v U.S.Nord. Final score 1-1.
Left to right) - Burt Gale (Shunter Nine Elms Goods Yard), Pat Burges, Tommy Turley (Stewarts Lane engineman), (unknown), Bill Godffrey, Bill Clarke, Peter Gammon, Noby Heath, Albert Wright, Peter Johnson, Tim Bower (Booking Clerk), Bill Turner.

Photographs are copyright Len Clarke 2010

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