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Here are some photos from Tom Coles:

One or two appear elsewhere on the Nine Elms website, but we thank Tom's daughter Tracey for sending them to us.

Left to right - Tom Coles (driver) and Barry Drage (fireman)

Left to Right - (unknown), (unknown), Jimmy Pepper, Tom Coles and Albert Wright. (This picture was just a gathering when they were all young fireman)

Left to right: Dickie Budd, Bill Clarke, Eddie Duggan (shunter Clapham Junction), Albert Wright, Ted Dent, Pat Burgess, Peter Johnson, Tom Coles, George Adams, Albert Wright's brother, Albert Wright's father. (Day out at Brighton)

Tom Coles (driver) and Ian Turner (fireman) (taking water at Southampton in 1967)

Left to Right - Morris Hunt (young fireman), Tom Coles (young fireman), Pat Burgess (young fireman), Jimmy Pepper (friend)

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