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Ken Coppard

Ken Coppard was sorting out some of his old photos and came across these below which he thought might interest some of our Nine Elms 'fraternity'. If you have any comments/corrections regarding the names quoted, please let me know - Shedmaster.

Stewarts Lane Training School 1968/9.
Left to right: Bill Plumb, Ernie Doust, Charlie Sutton, 'Conker' Gee

Outside the Brooklands Arms 1957/8
Left to right: Colin Roe ('Kipper's' brother), Ken Coppard, M.C.Chesney, 'Bish'

Off Wandsworth Road, with Portland Arms on left of white van, 1957/8
Left to right: Ken Coppard, Len Moynihan, 'Kipper' Roe

Nine Elms, 1957/8
Left to right: Ken Coppard, Harry Vincent (ex Brighton), Peter Kilford (his father was a Nine Elms driver)

Photos © Ken Coppard

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