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34018 'Axminster' heading the 1700 Waterloo to Exeter St. Davids past the site of Bramshot Halt near Fleet on 16th June 1967. Was this another steam substitution for a failed 'Warship'?
It seems that Bramshot Halt was opened sometime shortly before World War 1 to serve Bramshot Golf Club as a request stop. The golf course was requisitioned by the Air Ministry in 1940, and it was rumoured that General Eisenhower stayed at the golf club at some stage. It was also used by workers building the nearby Southwood army camp. However it was closed in about 1946 following a major accident which killed a number of the workers hit by a fast train as they crossed the tracks to the request stop.

Copyright John McIvor 1967/2017

34052 'Lord Dowding' heading the 1709 Waterloo to Basingstoke through Vauxhall on 11th May 1967.Locomotive crew were Nine Elms driver Bill Hughes and fireman Alan Newman.

Copyright John McIvor 1967/2017

34104 'Bere Alston' is running into Woking with a van train from Feltham on 3th April 1967.

Copyright John McIvor 1967/2017

Here is 34057 'Biggin Hill' at Woking, restarting the 13.00 Waterloo to Exeter St. Davids on 31st March 1967 - having replaced a failed 'Warship' at Waterloo.

Copyright John McIvor 1967/2017

35010 at Nine Elms:

Here is a recently unearthed photograph I took at Nine Elms on 24th September 1966 which shows 35010 with some sort of damage to its right cylinder. Does anyone have any information on the nature of this apparent damaged cylinder?

A short photo essay from John McIvor taken during the last six weeks of steam on BR Southern Region, June/July 1967:

35028 and 75077 at Eastleigh Motive Power Depot, 15th June 1967.

75077 heading south from Eastleigh, 15th June 1967.

34013 with the 1723 Waterloo to Bournemouth alongside 4REP + 8TC on the 1730 Waterloo to Bournemouth at Bramshot near Fleet, 16th June 1967.

S.R.Childrens' Home Special headed by 73029 and 34023 near Haslemere, 18th June 1967.

35007 just east of Farnborough with a morning commuter train, 21st June 1967.

34021 approaching Farnborough with the 0854 Waterloo to Southampton Docks 'The Statesman' for the liner 'United States', 21st June 1967.

35003 'Royal Mail' at Farnborough with a Feltham bound van train, 21st June 1967.

34021 leaving Waterloo with the 1854 to Salisbury, 21st June 1967.

35023 heading the 0835 from Waterloo through Micheldever, 30th June 1967.

34036 with the up Holland America Lines boat train near Micheldever, 30th June 1967.

34102 nearing Micheldever with the second Himalaya Boat Train bound for Waterloo, 30th June 1967.

34024 at Southampton Central with an up Weymouth train, 30th June 1967.

The 'shape of things to come' - 4REP 3009 leading 8TC for Waterloo through Farnborough, 3rd July 1967.

35030 heading the 0835 Waterloo to Weymouth past 34025 east of Farnborough, 3rd July 1967.

Royal Aircraft Establishment shunter 'Invincible' in Elm Grove Road, Farnborough, 3rd July 1967.

35030 heading the 0816 Waterloo to Weymouth Quay 'Channel Islands Boat Express' past Battledown Flyover, Worting Junction, 6th July 1967.

Warship D802 on an up Exeter train, Worting Junction, 6th July 1967.

35008 taking water at Southampton Central on 1125 Weymouth to Waterloo, 7th July 1967. (Who is the fireman featured?? - email the 'Shedmaster')

35008 on 1125 Weymouth entering Waterloo, 7th July 1967. Driver McLaggan and Fireman Alan Newman, Nine Elms worked this train.

34095 on 1815 Weymouth to Waterloo pauses at Woking, 7th July 1967. (Many thanks to Peter Roberts and Dave Bryce for identifying Nine Elms fireman Graham Pack).

Today 50 years ago:

The last down Bourneouth Belle Pullman cars shortly before departure at Waterloo, 9th July 1967.

35030 arrives at Bournemouth Central with the 1325 Weymouth to Waterloo - the last day of Southern steam, 9th July 1967.

The hoped-for steam finale was not to be - a sad end - the final up Bournemouth Belle with D1924 at Micheldever, 9th July 1967.

All photographs - digital scans of 35mm originals, copyright John McIvor 2007

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