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Here are some of Alan Newman's slides

London end of Basingstoke. Alan Newman says that in the extreme right of the photo there are two gents looking towards London - the gentleman on right in the the green jacket is Bert Hooker.

34060 '25 Squadron' and 76064 at Nine Elms.

35028 'Clan Line' at Nine Elms.

'Lord Dowding' 34052 Battle of Britain nameplate, Nine Elms.

34087 '145 Squadron' entering Surbiton with a 'down' Bournemouth express.

34087 '145 Squadron' at Nine Elms.

34060 '25 Squadron' at Nine Elms.

35013 'Blue Funnel' at Waterloo.

34057 'Biggin Hill' heading a 'West of England' train away from Clapham.

34060 on the disposal road at Nine Elms having just been disposed by Ray Benton who was on loan from his home shed Feltham covering a Nine Elms duty.

82023 with Bert Hooker.

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