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Photo selection by Bob Payne:

L to R, Wally Snelling, John Gaffney and Barry Cox.

L to R, Bob Payne, Wally Snelling and John Gaffney

Bert Hooker and Bob Payne circa 1962/3

24 February 1963 'Westcountry man' rail tour, 10.50am Waterloo to Exeter via East Putney and back to Paddington

Bert Hooker and Bob Payne on 'Mallard'

Railtour timings

Bob Payne in charge of an Electro-Diesel

Western tank class 57xx 9770 in Waterloo Dock

'Crompton' near Clapham Junction

Nine Elms 'Old Shed' with Eddy Mays (left) and Bob Payne

A4 'Kingfisher' beside Nine Elms coal hopper
Shedmaster - 60024 worked a railtour in March 1966 from Waterloo to Weymouth, returning via Yeovil Junction. This trip is featured in Lew Wouldridge's cine film reproduced in the DVD - 'Guildford - an Engineman's View' .

Brian Aynsley wrote:
Looking through Bob Payne's pictures I noted that 60024, Kingfisher, was at Nine Elms for some reason. If my memory serves me correct there was an incident in the depot involving the turntable and Harry Ranger, the foreman's runner, can anybody throw any light on this?

Jim Arkell comments:
Bob Payen's photos of 60024 would have been taken in late March 1966.

Dave Snape emailed:
A bit of info on 60024's visit to Nine Elms, from Dave Snape ex Saltley fireman. 60024 came down from Scotland via Leeds, Rotherham, Derby, Birmingham, Banbury and Oxford. It came onto Saltley loco for water and its Derby crew were relieved by Saltley men. This was about 3 am. It was taken forward, light engine, to Banbury by driver Basil Bloore and fireman John Bloore (his son) they were relieved by a Western Region crew at Banbury.

Nine Elms

Bob Payne on board A4 60024 'Kingfisher', Nine Elms

Bob Payne (right) and Eddie May, Nine Elms New Shed

Bob Payne on ladder and Eddie May, Nine Elms New Shed

Bob Payne (left) and Eddie May, Nine Elms New Shed

Steam crane, coal road, with Bob Payne's family

Bob Payne with an EDL

34026 with Bob Payne's family at Nine Elms

Western class 57xx 0-6-0PT 9770 in Waterloo Dock with driver Jim Dawson

Fireman Bob Payne on 9770 in Waterloo Dock

Nine Elms New Shed looking towards Old Shed

Water columns outside Nine Elms Old Shed

Inside Clapham Junction Shunters' Cabin late 50's/ early 60's

Eddy Mays (left) and Bob Payne outside Old Shed

Dismantling Nine Elms Old Shed

Dismantling Nine Elms Old Shed

Nine Elms turntable with Bob Payne's children

Eddy Mays (left) and Bob Payne on Merchant Navy 35029

Fireman Paul Anderson Clapham Junction yard

Bob Payne with family
Jim Arkell comments: the picture of Bob Payne with family in front of the engine, was taken in 1966 (Sep?) in front of 35010, which had recently failed on an up train bursting the RH cylinder, which can be seen in the photo. I think the drivers name was Walker - he's not in the enginemen list, maybe he should be. (Fred Walker?)

Nine Elms shed shunter

Alan Domm, Old Shed

Bob Payne 'oiling up' a Standard, Old Shed

Bob Payne (left) and Driver Arthur Dent

Nine Elms Old Shed 1958

Old Shed 1966
comments - The photo of 34110 could not have been taken in 1966. This engine was withdrawn late in 1963, and scrapped at Eastleigh not long after. (slight historical note - when it was withdrawn it carried the boiler that was fitted to 34004 during the locomotive exchanges)

Nine Elms shed shunter

Clapham Junction shunters' cabin

Nine Elms

Nine Elms Old Shed

Looking towards Nine Elms turntable

Taking down the roof of the Old Shed

Nine Elms, idle engines withdrawn

Waterloo Dock

Original Bulleid Pacific withdrawn at Nine Elms
All photographs © Bob Payne

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